As a mother with a child on the Autism spectrum, and diagnosed as an adult with ADHD herself, Amy has learned to accept and cherish the positive aspects of her and her son’s neurodivergence. From Amy’s own (and her family’s) experiences, she is very aware of the ableism pervasive in society that makes the lives of ADHDers, Autistics, and their loved ones so challenging. Amy has many personal strategies she’s experimented with over the years that help her thrive with neurodivergence and loves helping others find their own. Due to extra training and personal experience around LGBTQ+ and minority populations and issues (especially Trans, non-binary, and BIPOC-related needs), she is especially equipped to support these clients that most therapists often unintentionally mistreat.

Amy obtained her Social Work degree from Carleton University with a minor in Psychology. She later obtained a Masters Degree specializing in Gender Studies from the University of Ottawa and is a registered social worker. As well as working with neurodivergent people, some of her experiences include running workshops for youth struggling with addiction, counselling adults who struggle with addiction, and 3 years of experience working as a counselor for persons with developmental delays.

Her areas of interest and experience include but are not limited to working with and learning from…

● Persons with ADHD/Autism themselves

● Persons who experience gendered violence

● Persons struggling with addiction

● Parents with “difficult” children

● Parents with Neurodivergent children

● Persons dealing with racism or any kind of discrimination

● Nonbinary and trans people

● LGBTQ+ people struggling to cope in a heteronormative society

Amy is committed to personal growth, learning new things, and refuses to go through life without making it fun for herself and the people around her. Amy has a very warm and accepting style of therapy and is dedicated to giving her clients the best support possible, even if it means challenging her own assumptions. She sees her own therapist regularly to make sure she’s always offering her best self to clients and is always able to be at her sharpest for them. Amy knows what it’s like being in the client’s shoes and the bravery and strength it takes to go to counselling.

As a mother with a child on the Autism spectrum, and diagnosed as an adult with ADHD herself, Am... Read More

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